Trekking in Nepal with Green Holidays

Trekking in Nepal is unique and unforgettable experience of whole life for the visitors. It offers the trekker’s opportunities to see the grand Himalayas up close, rejoice the natural wonders, mix with local people and get an insight into their lives and cultures. Trekkers can walk from the tropical low land to alpine meadows and glacial Himalaya. Trekkers can see rare and different type of birds and animals on trekking route which pass through the picturesque villages inhabited by ethnic group of Sherpa, Gurung, Magar, Thakali in highland and Brahmins, Chhetri and Newar in lower altitudes.
While the autumn and spring are considered the best seasons, Nepal is open round the year for trekking. The heavy monsoon keeps all the dust down and the subsequent autumn offers unparallel views of the while mountains and green hills teemed with lush forest. The spring offers brilliant views of rhododendrons in full bloom and shiny mountains, fully capped and ablaze with the fresh snow.

Green Holidays Trekking is led by an experienced trekking guide possessing a substantial knowledge and skill in planning and organizing group as well as FIT trekking expeditions in various parts of Nepal. The company is specialized in preparing tailor-made trekking itineraries according to the needs of the trekkers in addition to the common trekking itineraries offered by most of the trekking companies. It strives to enrich the trekkers’ experiences in Nepal by carefully weaving together the natural and cultural wonders with the state of the art hospitality and services.
While serving our clients we are guided by two simple principles:

Green habit: respect to the nature and local culture,

Grin Habit: listen to your clients and serve them with a smile

Green Habit: “respect to the nature and local culture”:

Most of us are aware of the challenges of the climate change and its impact on our lives. The challenges are more immediate and intense in the fragile ecosystem of the Himalayas. Therefore we remind all our valued clients to dully respect the local nature and culture so that their beauties are preserved for future generations to experience.
There are a few simple ways to keep our environment green and sustainable while organizing trekking. For instance; minimize the consumption of energy, dispose off the biodegradable waste and bring back the non-biodegradable waste out of the trekking areas etc. Sometimes, we at the Green Holidays organize cleaning campaign in the trekking areas to clear away the litters and to create awareness among the local residents. Shall you are interested to join such campaign just let us know.

Grin Habit: “listen to your clients and serve them with a smile”:

Our clients at Green Holidays Trekking are offered with the unique hospitality by our well trained staff while delivering the services. We always listen to the clients carefully and respond accordingly. We believe that we will be successful only if we blend our “Grin Habit” and “Green Habit” values with the natural and cultural ingredients and satisfy our valued clients.

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